Oil & Gas Project & Operations Management

Oil & Gas Project & Operations Management

Course Code:  O&G001


This course focuses on the practical skills and methods needed to improve project and operating performance across the oil and gas industry. The skills taught are industry specific and can be widely applied at upstream, downstream and corporate levels. Integrating knowledge of projects and operations along oil and gas supply chains provides valuable management insight.

Project management in an oil and gas industry context

  • Management Skills
  • Project Structures
  • Cost estimating
  • Risk Management

Detailed planning, analysis and modelling

    Project Networks

    •     Critical Path Method
  • Review of Project Scheduling Softwares
  • PERT
  • MS Project

 Performance and problem solving

  •     Project Team Organisation
  • Leadership, direction and management skills
  • Data management, relational databases and
  • Documentation
  • Problem solving Techniques